My Personal Food Philosophy

I get a lot of questions about “what plan” I’m on. I’m here to tell you that I’m not on any eating plan, diet, or program. We aren’t hardcore paleo. We don’t do keto, Whole 30, GF/CF, AIP, SCD, or any of the other programs out there. We don’t count points. We don’t have cheat days. We eat in a way that I call “Sensible, Healthy, and Aware.”

Our Basics:

We eat a protein and carb selection at each meal.
We utilize sensible portion control.
We choose our food sources wisely and ethically.
We use whey protein isolate powder for supplementation.
We take a daily multivitamin and a few supplements.
Meals and shakes are timed at three-hour intervals.
We don’t snack.
We exercise regularly.

The first two items on that list should be self explanatory. We eat three moderately-sized meals per day. We don’t starve or restrict, but we don’t gorge ourselves. A sample breakfast for me would be 3 whole eggs + 1 egg white, 1/2 cup raspberries, and a clementine. A sample lunch would be three chicken tenders and a spinach salad. A sample dinner would be 6 oz chicken breast sauteed with lots of tomatoes, zucchini, onions. It’s a hearty amount of food, and I feel full and satisfied when I’m done.

In regard to sourcing, I buy local, grassfed, organic, wild caught, fair trade, verified, etc whenever possible. I buy the best food at the most reasonable prices I can find and afford. I like knowing how my food is raised/grown/caught.

We added a whey protein isolate powder (WPI) to our diet last year on the recommendation of my trainer. It helps a lot with preventing muscle soreness after workouts, and it also helps prevent snacking. I use a grassfed WPI that’s sweetened with stevia and monkfruit. This is the only protein powder I can stand. It doesn’t leave that slimy taste in your mouth like WPIs sweetened with sucralose. Here are some pics of the can and a link to the company if you want to try it. I don’t make any money if you click that link. I just think it’s a pretty good product.

2017-08-10 10.08.172017-08-07 21.28.22

We also take the following daily:

Fish Oil
Calcium Citrate
Glucosamine, Chondroitin, MSM

Lastly, we eat a meal or drink a WPI shake every three hours. This prevents hunger and snacking. A typical day would be breakfast between 7-8 am, 10-11 am shake, 1-2 pm lunch, 4-5 pm shake, 7-8 pm dinner.

Food Details

Our basic food choices boil down to three categories: yes, sometimes, and no.

Eggs, chicken, beef, fish, seafood
Healthy fats

Starches, grains

Artificial sweeteners
Added sugar
Processed foods, convenience foods

There are a lot of caveats and grey area in the “sometimes” category. For example, we drink alcohol in moderation. We rarely eat pork. We sometimes eat cheese or cook with cream, but we don’t drink milk. We avoid most starches, grains, and sugars, but sometimes we splurge. I will not eat a hamburger without a bun. Will. Not.

Being flexible and open to change works for us. Every choice we make isn’t always the healthiest choice possible, but we hit the mark 90% of the time. If we were rigid and harsh in our rules, then we’d beat ourselves up for breaking them. I’m not here to set myself up for failure. I want success, and for me, that means being sensible, healthy, and aware.

happy food


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